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WindowsSCOPE is a tool to learn and analyze the internals of the Windows operating system and everything it runs. Use it to learn to master operating systems, the Windows kernel, virtual memory management, x86 memory management, device drivers and applications. Use it to access the kernel, disassemble and graph any code in the kernel or user space. Also, use it to verify applications` behavior at runtime in memory. A key use case is for cyber analysis: analyze for malware/cyber attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats and rootkits. Perform memory forensics. Access virtual and physical memory content and review differences between your snapshots and much more.

On this blog you will find:

  • Use cases of the various features of the software with screen shots
  • Several tutorial movies that will show you WindowsSCOPE in action
  • Learn-to-use information, such as how to use the tool to access OS structures, investigate your system, and compare snapshots
  • Tips and tricks
  • Detailed description of new features and product updates
  • Information about upcoming products and features
  • Information about new cyber attacks
  • Information about defenses and ways to detect