Some Use Cases and Discussion
Windowsscope Blog introduced

WindowsSCOPE is a tool to learn and analyze the internals of the Windows operating system and everything it runs. Use it to learn to master operating systems, the Windows kernel, virtual memory management, x86 memory…

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Phantom Probe Agent Launched for WindowsSCOPE

BlueRiSC’s WindowsSCOPE Cyber Analysis Tool Suite Enhanced with Phantom Probe Agent Amherst, MA, April 4, 2011 – BlueRiSC enhances its WindowsSCOPE™ reverse-engineering, cyber analysis and defense, and memory forensics tool suite by adding the ability…

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Official WindowsSCOPE Launch

 BlueRiSC officially releases WindowsSCOPE Pro 1.0 Amherst, MA, March 16, 2011 – BlueRiSC Inc. announces the official launch of WindowsSCOPE, a sophisticated and must-have tool to fully understand and analyze Windows machines―your “Window into Windows.”…

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