Some Use Cases and Discussion
Rebooting Computing

Washington DC, December 9-11. BlueRiSC team and academic collaborators present new direction for computing based on Bayesian inference and learning. It is one of  the five presentations at the Rebooting Computing close-door meeting organized in…

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Virtual Memory and Address Translating for x64

Pages are represented by Page Table Entries. A Page Table Entry is part of a virtual memory hierarchy. This hierarchy gives virtual to physical address mappings at the page granularity. From highest level to lowest,…

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Check Open Registry Keys in Memory

To view the registry keys being used by Windows at the time of a snapshot, on the left panel go to Memory View → Summary of System Activity → Open Registry Keys. Open registry keys…

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Comparing Open Network Sockets

As an example, the FTP client FileZilla was used to create a local FTP server. Then, a computer on the same network attempted to connect to the server. A snapshot was taken on the host…

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How to Compare Multiple Memory Snapshots

In this screen shot, the example snapshot ‘Before Installing Antivirus’ is selected. The view is on Memory View → Summary of System Activity → Open Files, which is showing the Open Files for just the…

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