Some Use Cases and Discussion
WindowsSCOPE Cyber Forensics 3.2 Now Available

A new version of WindowsSCOPE Cyber Forensics is now available. WindowsSCOPE version 3.2 now includes support for the latest versions of Windows operating systems through Windows 10. Also included with version 3.2 is WindowsSCOPE’s data…

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Automated Rootkit Detection with ThreatSCOPE

This article will show how you can use the ThreatSCOPE feature of WindowsSCOPE to detect rootkits installed on a system. One of the difficulties in detecting rootkits and other advanced malware is that they’re often…

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WindowsSCOPE Cyber Forensics Ultimate 64-Bit Now Available

The latest addition to the WindowsSCOPE product lineup, Cyber Forensics Ultimate, is now available at the online store. This new version incorporates all the interactive features of previous versions, including system-wide disassembly and control flow…

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New WindowsSCOPE Product – CaptureGUARD Gateway

WindowsSCOPE now offers PCI Express and ExpressCard platforms capable of imaging physical memory and providing other cyber security related capabilities even in locked computers.  CaptureGUARD Gateway can be customized for various advanced cyber security and…

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New WindowsSCOPE Memory Forensics Training Videos Available

Two new tutorial videos are now publicly available on the WindowsSCOPE websiite – “Using WindowsSCOPE to Investigate 64-Bit Virtual Memory Management” and “Using WindowsSCOPE to Analyze the Shadow Walker Rootkit”. With 64-bit computers becoming increasingly…

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Introduction to WindowsSCOPE Live

Step 1 – Setting up your WindowsSCOPE Live Server The first step in getting WindowsSCOPE Live running is to download and install the WindowsSCOPE Live server. You can get the server on the WindowsSCOPE downloads…

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